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Which materials can be processed in managing color felt wholesale

The smallest increases of imports of caustic color felt wholesale, 1.074 million tons , an increase of 8.42% . The newsprint imported 1.1 million tons , an increase of 72.95% .

utilization of The ordinary mechanical pulp import value amount Largest decrease of $ 104,000 , a year-on-year decrease of 82.98% ; sulphite wood pulp import value amount of $ 1,331,000 , a decrease of 80.41 percent year-on-year ; other color felt wholesale import value amount of $ 4,394,000 , representing a year-on-year a decrease of 20.14% .

China ‘s wood pulp , waste paper and paperboard January import price level of overall decline in the average import price per ton was $ 360.66 , down 5.64% . Which only caustic color felt wholesale unit price level a small float, other varieties have different degrees of decline . Caustic soda wood pulp import price level of $ 626.73 per ton , an increase of 2.37% .

In summary, in January of wood pulp , color felt wholesale and paperboard imports in terms of quantity, value amount showing a full uplink situation , mainly due to China ‘s economic growth rate is stable and gradually turned up to a heavy consumer demand for paper products and a rigid , have a greater impact on imports .