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What are the main operating regions of EVA foam wholesaler

The one hand, the number of prosperous areas of commodity processing enterprises , but the lack of a large EVA foam wholesaler with a leading position in the industry ; On the other hand , the commodity underdeveloped regions , the number of cartons enterprises less development is too slow .

According to information on EVA foam wholesaler of high , less than 40% of the number of U.S. corrugated board production line , but the production of corrugated board (by area ) 3 times this level and the operation rate of the production line relationship.

Even if it is state-of-the-art equipment, the operation rate will also affect the play of its production capacity.

According to statistics, the average operation rate of our tile line is only 40%, so the phase-out of a narrow range of low-speed tile line, the development of high-speed, wide -watt line to improve the operation rate carton industry imperative.

And to improve the operation rate , First go ” the centralized system board , decentralized box ” road that lay by the association, merger , reorganization , and joint-stock reform , eliminate backward little EVA foam wholesaler, set up a number of large corrugated boxes Enterprise Group .