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The rapid economic growth has led to the development of China’s book cover wholesaler

Book cover wholesaler has brought tremendous business opportunities, Inner Mongolia Yili Group , Mengniu Group , Hebei Sanlu Sanyuan Beijing , Shanghai Bright Dairy giant have investment expansion in North China, Northeast China beachhead sites carton supplier in terms of quantity , quality terms of scale as well as after-sales service have very high requirements , to promote the rapid development of this region carton industry from the side .

The development of the market has also accelerated the reform of the book cover wholesaler and technology of this region , and its rising number of corrugated board production line , only in Qingdao, Shandong has more than 100 . As China’s political and cultural center of northern China , is starting a revitalization strategy , which will directly and indirectly to enhance the well – being of the people of the country to promote North-South thing coordinated development .

Bohai Rim in the near future, it will become the new engine of China’s economic development, and lead to the development of China’s regional focus moved northward. The situation of the carton industry three regional blocks, led to the development of the of containerboard production industry in China, the corrugated market consumption in 2005 to 15 million tons.