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Special offer Deligreen Daly BMS 3S 4S 16S 32S 10A-150A-250A daly LTO BMS with UART blue tooth CAN RS485

- 2022-12-06 -

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Product Description

Smart LTO BMS with Blue tooth 3S-32S 4S 10S 13S 15S 20S 22S 10A-500A 80A 100A 120A 150A 200A 250A 400A BMS Lifepo4 Battery LTO battery BMS system PCB UART Cable /Blue tooth module included

Kindly note:
daly bms 66160 lto et balancer de 15ah
12V 24V 48V 72V lto BMS
Discharge current: 10A-500A Inner Resistance:<20mΩ Balance detect voltage: 2.7V Balance release voltage: 2.7V Charge voltage:14V Working temp:-20-70℃ Storage temp:-40-80℃