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Manufacturer 4S 60A 12V PCM PCB BMS Products for Lipo Battery pack With separate port

- 2022-12-19 -

Manufacturer 4S 60A PCM PCB BMS Products for Lipo Battery pack with separate port :


Content Spec Unit Remark
25A 35A 45A 60A
Discharge constant discharge current 25 35 45 60 A
peak discharge current 60 100 180 180 A
Over current protection 60 100 180 180 A
charge charge voltage Series *4.2V V
charge current 25A 35A 45A 60 A 8A for separate prot
Over charge protection over charge volt 4.25±0.025 V
over charge volt protect delay 0.5 S
Over charge volt release 4.19±0.05 V
Power balancing Power balance volt 4.18 V
balance release volt 4.18 V
balance current 35±5 mA
Over discharge protection Over discharge detect  volt 2.8±0.05 V
Over discharge detect delay 0.5 S
Over discharge volt release 3.0±0.05 V
Over  current protection Over current detect volt 150 mV
Over current detect delay 9 MS
Over current protect release off load
Short circuit protection Short circuit protection  short circuit of external board
Short circuit detect delay 250 uS
Short circuit detect release off load
Temperature protection Temp protection none Can be customized
resistance Main circuit resistor ≤10
Self-consumption Working current ≤40 uA
Sleepy current(when battery is over discharged ) ≤20 uA
Working temp temp range -30~80