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How to abide by the industry regulations for color paper manufacturer

Industry standards cannot be color paper manufacturer opportunities with international standards pulling carton export products supporting the amount of the increase, brought more to the corrugated box packaging market space.

Export packaging, packaging standards must first understand each color paper manufacturer, formulating appropriate countermeasures, but in recent years, China’s corrugated box industry standard level is not high also failed to be done in a timely manner with international standards.

Currently, under the impact of the global financial crisis, the color paper manufacturer is facing severe challenges.

From a national perspective, the first three quarters, paper and paperboard production increased by 4.5%, the lowest growth rate in production since “15”. The average growth rate is 10% to 13% of “15” and “Eleventh Five-Year “period. This shows a larger drop in the growth rate of the paper industry. At the same time of sharp economic decline.

When this happens, there are many reasons. In addition to the impact of the global financial crisis, on the one hand, the color paper manufacturer production needs double imbalance is an important reason.