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How many resources can be used by color felt manufacturer?

Resources , energy , and environmental constraints continue to be enhanced ; economic development into the medium-speed growth amble period ; paper industry face the rising cost of factors of production , a variety of deep -rooted problems have become increasingly prominent , more and more urgent to accelerate the transformation of color felt manufacturer.

Currently, China’s paper industry into the nexus, innovation -driven development of historical stage , accelerate the transformation of development mode and structural adjustment , industrial upgrading and enhance the quality and efficiency to promoting modern industrial system critical period , also the paper-making industry to the must make great efforts to solve the deep problems of the moment .

Past long relied on high input, high energy consumption; low-cost growth model is not sustainable. To speed up the elements of intensive resource consumption -type steering shift from relying on expanding investment and the expansion to rely on technological progress , innovation and elements upgrade up to foster new competitive advantage , which is the core and critical of the color felt manufacturer to change the development mode .

China ‘s pulp and color felt manufacturer because of the shorter chain of industrial raw materials and other reasons , the paper-making enterprises in developed countries generally non- paper were higher than the output of paper products output .