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How do color felt manufacturer improve the products quality?

The face of the rising cost of factors of color felt manufacturer, especially labor costs rise , the paper industry to vigorously raise total factor productivity .

Solve factor cost effective measures to improve labor productivity , capacity saturated with excess has been greatly compressed scale expansion of space , simple expansion path not work . The impact of weakening consumer demand , the cost increases through sales to pass out of the road is not feasible .

Improve the efficiency of total factor including assets , capital efficiency , improve the input-output ratio , improve resource utilization and talent dividend ” .

From the color felt manufacturer should be to focus on the efficient use of resources , the development of high value-added products , the efficient use of water , steam , waste , vigorously develop the circular economy , improve the value chain to improve the rate of increase of the paper industry , the development of high added value products , to further improve the level of output .

To optimize the capital structure, the face of the color felt manufacturer is capital-intensive , high corporate debt ratio and financial cost of the status quo , to resolve the financial cost pressures.

The face of increasingly constrained resources, energy, environment, and must rely on technological progress, improve the efficiency of the input-output.