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home householding 48v 10kw 5kw solar power lifepo4 lithium battery energy storage system and inverter all in one

- 2022-11-24 -

Why Choose An Energy Storage System?

Home Energy Goals
Solar Only
Sunlight Backup*
Home Essentials Backup
Full Energy Independence
Save money on my utility bill
Reduce my carbon footprint
Manage my system’s performance live, and over time, on a mobile app
Power basic appliances during an outage (phones, lights, fans, or a fridge)
With sunlight
Day and night
Day and night
Integrate an AC generator to provide a seamless transition during a power outage
Manage appliances during an outage (shed AC, EV, heat pump, washer/dryer, etc.)
Participate in grid services programs to make money (where available)
Power my whole home during an extended outage and eliminate my energy bills