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Color paper manufacturer are trying to study high technology color skill

On the other hand, after 10 years of rapid development, the color paper manufacturer in the successful resolution of market supply shortage this historical problem, multiple kinds of paper saturated with excess capacity, the decline in market demand, competing price and excessive competition a preliminary understanding of the average ton of paper price reduction of 600 to 1,200 yuan , an important reason for the decline is the effective . In addition, the high rate of corporate liabilities, finance charges, and energy, rising labor costs, result in substantial decline in efficiency.

The use of color printing use of color can make the ads to increase the attractiveness of people. Bustling environment, its advertising color is more complete and more simple and attractive to people, the stronger, which is today’s advertising color tends to be one of the simple reason.

Advertising colors in a monotonous environment itself contrast, the stronger, the more vivid the more prominent the better. A full set of color printing of color paper manufacturer

, magazines , the most prominent black-and-white page , in full black-and-white books , color page in the magazine the most prominent .

Prominent reasons as other conditions the same case, the size of the degree of care and attention to objects is inversely proportional to the amount of the target more and more distracted , which requires us to , text, drawing as little as possible in advertising design .

In the case of the contents cannot be reduced, must prioritize, or your ads and then a large amount of information, not to attract attention is tantamount to not send a message.