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Carton industry third technological innovation improve the cartons enterprise development speed

China ‘s book cover wholesaler sustained rapid development , the current production has been ranked second in the world . According to statistics, China’s corrugated carton annual sales reached 15.8 billion square meters, more than Japan, second only to the United States, ranking second in the world.

Corrugated boxes printing direction is the third technological transformation industry focus on high-end , multi-color , high-quality , three-dimensional sense of strong, prominent visual effect of the new requirements of the market for corrugated boxes printing .

Enterprise modern management level is not high profit cannot be maximized “heavy equipment light” , so that a number of large and medium-sized enterprises cannot let the advanced equipment to produce more profit.

In addition , a number of book cover wholesaler market information is poor , especially the lack of experience in the operation of the international market and product innovation capabilities , in order to gain market share , only blindly low prices , and ultimately lead to profitability is not high , profit or a loss .