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Active Battery Balancer Equalizer To Extend 18650 Lithium Battery Span Life

- 2022-12-13 -

Product Description

Battery capacity limited
Battery count limited

At least balance 2 cells
Working voltage
1.8V~5V  (2V lead acid battery and lithium battery)

4V~9V  (6V lead acid battery)
9V~15V  (12V lead acid battery and lithium battery)

Battery type limited

LiFePo4, LiMnO4 etc
AGM, Gel, Flooded battery and so on.
Power consumption
<50mW per 1s
Balance method
Energy transfer/ Dynamic
Voltage difference VS Balance current
300mV — 1A

1V — 3A
Voltage difference after using
< 10mV

< 30mV(12V lead acid)
Working efficiency
> 94%
Working temperature
-40℃ ~ +80℃
BMS limited
Can work with BMS or Wordking independently
Storage temperature
-40℃ ~ +100℃


1. Keep the voltage difference of each cell within 10mv.
2. Extend the battery span life 2-3times. Without capacity & voltage & battery type limitation .
3. Your best battery pack protector. Perfect combination with BMS Let’s Save cost from now.

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