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AC110V220V 4KW 8S24V 50A lithium battery charger OBC for Motorcycle Waterproof IP65

- 2022-12-15 -

Product Description

AC110V220V 4KW Charger For Motorcycle 24V 50A Charger Fast charge

AC110V220V 2KW Charger Total Station Lei For Motorcycle TC CAN Protocol 48V 60V 72V 25A Enable Charger Waterproof Isolated

Protection Feature

1.Output over voltage protection
2.Output over current protection
3.Output short circuit protection
4.Input under voltage protection

5.charger over heat protection

6.battery over heat protection

4kw dimension: Vertical style(mm):L280* W165*H134 Horizontal style(mm): L305*W280*H115
Net Weight: 10kg

Product Features
1 high working efficiency: 94%
2 strong protection functions
3 wide working temperature range
4 100% full load aging test
5 IP67 waterproof
6 car-level anti-shock
7 intelligent temperature compensation to the battery during charging, it greatly prolongs
lifespan of batteries.
8 AC90V-265V, available for all the countries in the world.
9 Work compatible with BMS like Orin,, Emus, Ligoo, etc.
10 small in size and light in weight.