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24V 10A Lithium battery charger lead acid lifepo4 battery charger high quality

- 2022-12-20 -

12V24V36V48V72V84V  15Ah Lithium battery charger lead acid lifepo4 battery charger high quality for Scooter,ebike,golf cart,electric tools,UPS,solar syestem,energy storage,etc.


10A 15A 20A 25A 30A 35A 40A ect are available

Only if you tell us your needs, we can make it.


Buyer attention:

In order to confirm if our charger is suitable for your battery pack,

please send the following info to us by email:

(1) battery type:

(2) number of cells in series:

(3) capacity of battery pack(AH):

(4) The maximum charge voltage:

(5) AC input volt:

(6) AC plug: EU,US or Asia

(7)DC connector: Anderson style connect as default


Main Protection:

Over current protection

Over voltage protection

Over temperature protection

Short Ciruit protection

Reverse polarity protection


Charging Mode:

Lithium battery: CC/CV(Constant Current/Constant voltage)

Lead acid batter:CC/CV and float charging


Models, Size and weight of Deligreen Smart Charger



Main Advantages

1 Small in size

2 Light in weight

3 Steady charging

4 High efficiency

5 Advanced intelligent charging mode

6 Top quality

8 1 year warranty

9 Customized service


LED lights instruction

3 State Charging Curve

Other Technical Parameter

Efficiency:  ≥88%

Input voltage: 110V/220V

Communication: CAN/ NO CAN

Voltage range:  AC95~130V/AC195~242V

Quake proof:   SAEJ1378

Voltage frequency: 40~60Hz

Waterproof IP:  IP31

Power Factor:   ≥0.75

​with a handle: yes


Working Environment:

Above sea level ≤2000m

Without conductive dust

Ambient temperature -30℃~55℃

Mounting slop ≤ 5 degree

Ambient humidity 5%~70%RH

Keep away from rain and snow

Storage temperature   -30℃~60℃

Without explosive dust